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Operational Services

The right tools can make all the difference. Zeytech is familiar with many of the latest software tools used in both large and small businesses. With the right tools, a business can improve efficiencies, increase production, and reduce costs. See the list below for the operational software tools that we recommend and have in-depth knowledge of. To learn more about any of the below tools and what they can do for your business, send us a message! Or if you already have a project in mind, fill out our intake form. A member of the Zeytech team will get back to you!

Operational Services Offered


A cloud-based identity and access management service. Helps your employees access external resources, such as Microsoft 365, the Azure portal, and thousands of other SaaS applications. Also helps them access internal resources like apps on your corporate intranet network, along with any cloud apps developed for your own organization.


Enables you to separate your applications from your infrastructure so you can deliver software quickly.

M365 Domain/License Management

Use your business's domain with Microsoft products. Assign users and specialty email addresses and manage licenses.


An advanced process manager for NodeJS applications that allows you quickly start, control, or stop your node processes.


Open source software for web serving, reverse proxying, caching, load balancing, media streaming, and more.


Track income, send invoices, and more with QuickBooks (can also incorporate with T-Sheets for employee/job time tracking).


Service that allows various client-server applications to integrate with Exchange servers and M365 (eg. email, contacts, calendars, SharePoint, Skype, Teams, etc.).


Get all your data at your fingertips to find the root causes of problems and optimize your systems. Build dashboards and charts or use our powerful query language.


Online folder system for file storage, collaboration features, CMS, dashboards, and more.


Domain setup on service provider of business's choice.


An open source container orchestration platform that automates many of the manual processes involved in deploying, managing, and scaling containerized applications.


Microsoft's online folder system for file storage.


An infrastructure as code tool that lets you build, change, and version cloud and on-prem resources safely and efficiently.

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