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Developing Innovative Solutions

At our core, we’re problem solvers, and our expertise is technology

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Accelerating AI Adoption in Manufacturing and Ecommerce

Picture the concern of business leaders and workers alike, as they observe the shifting landscape of their industry, uncertain about their competitors’ actions with AI. No one wants to be the first to take the plunge, but no one wants to be left behind either.

Struggling to Keep Operations Smooth and Fast

Stuck in today, dreaming of tomorrow? Zeytech transforms chaos into efficiency with managed IT support and AI-driven solutions, streamlining operations and fostering a competitive, future-ready business environment.

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Primary Services

We leverage decades of experience to provide solutions for our business partners by solving problems with just the right amount of technology. From concept to implementation to support, Zeytech offers comprehensive IT services for businesses of any size. What can we create or solve for you?

Who We Are

We serve businesses the world over, but have a special place in our hearts for Green Bay and all of northeast Wisconsin.

Zeytech was established to serve businesses in Green Bay, WI. This is where our core team lives, works, and plays. As things have grown, we’ve branched out to Appleton and the greater Fox Valley area, throughout Wisconsin, and globally to several countries on different continents.

We are a small business made up of a dedicated team of developers and business people who are passionate about creating and delivering technical solutions to our customers. We’re happy to work with organizations of all types and sizes, locally or abroad.

Our Approach is to Assess, Create, and Deliver



Understand business needs and gather enough information to assess opportunities



Confirm opportunity is real and mutual willingness to partner



Pilot top valued opportunity to confirm feasibility and ROI



Work with business to build and roll out the solution



Support, measure, and adjust over time

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